Industrial knives

HSS Ltd. Company specializes in engineering and manufacturing of industrial knives, made from quality imported and Russian steel grades, according to customer`s drawing. We produce the following types of knives: circular knives, serrated knives, guillotine knives, grooved knives, dished knives, counter knives, zigzag knives, molding cutters, shredder blades, knife holders, etc.

Our knives are used in various technological processes, such as carton and paper cutting, foil cutting, corrugated cardboard production, film and plastic cutting, food products cutting, different kinds of textile and fabrics cutting, metal cutting and many others.

Knives, produced by HSS Ltd. Company, have been successfully proven as qualified product and have been installed on a variety of packaging machines, slotters, cutting machines, extruders, rewinding machines, guillotine cutters, as well as on the equipment of other industries.

We provide a full production cycle of knives making (from harvesting to heat treatment and final grinding).

We are manufacturers of knives of any shape and complexity.

We keep knives in our warehouse for our constant customers, and it allows us to ship the goods immediately after payment.

German industrial blades from top manufacturers as Lutz, Martor, Mozart (Solingen) for cutting polyethylene stretch film, tape, paper, fabrics, etc., are always available in stock, from our warehouse.

We guarantee a quality approach to the business from specification/drawing receipt to delivery of the finished product to the customer.